Church of Religious Science North Hollywood is excited to be travelling the world with you!  As we venture out into and onto the sacred paths others have walked or created for us, we will be exploring the Nature of the Divine within ourselves.

Every Trip we embark on is fully developed through vision and purpose.  A sacred covenant is created by those in the group and each and everyday a specific time of Spiritual Practice is set aside for the realization of the Divine in every step of our journey.  We gather for meals and we assemble for meditation and a time of prayer.

Every Trip has personal time for any traveler’s personal inquiry or enjoyment and each guest is treated with the utmost consideration and spiritual support is offered throughout the Trip.

This is a sacred and holy venture to explore the Sacred and we take each and every Trip seriously.  Our intention is for all to have the experience of the Sacred and to make at least one more incremental step in their conscious evolution.

Thanks for joining us!


Meet John of God,  The Miracle Healer!
Click the link below for a wonderful Newsweek article about John of God.
And to see video of Oprah’s one-on-one interview from her trip to meet him!

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